# 15 Celebrating Womens International Day pt. 2 and a Toast

Women, especially BIPOC women have been ostracised in society for many years. However, with all that’s been done to keep us shut down, we still find our way slowly going to the top. In this segment of Celebrating Women’s international day, Ernestina hits us with a statement. I paraphrase, she says”when BIPOC women stop asking for validation they will pierce through territorial spirits”. Seeking for validated keeps us away from fulfilling our callings and expanding to our fullest potential. Tune in to find out more about this conversation.
I end this episode with a toast to us; Women. Make sure you have a glass to toast with me.
With Love,
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Let’s keep the conversation flowing let me know what part of the conversation resonated with you the most. What did you agree and disagree with?
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