#31 Holistic Approach Series-Reiki &Mindfulness with Lea Candon pt.2

Today’s episode is the second part of the deep conversation about Reiki and Mindfulness, we had with the inspiring mindfulness guide Lea Candon.  Lea was asked what inspires her: She answered that she found inspiration in pain, in solitude, in the feelings of rejections, the moments of loneliness when she found refuge in her inner wisdom. And after each one of these moments she rose so high from her rock bottoms.  What a powerful and profound statement!  We concluded this conversation by a beautiful quote which reminded us that Love is the source of Mindfulness. It ultimately equips us to better love the world around.  We invite you to open your heart and let yourself be inspired by her divine wisdom. You can Connect with Lea using this link: linktr.ee/leacandon Enjoy every bit of this episode available on all major podcast platforms now.  Follow Umami Conversations on Instagram and Facebook and Tik Tok: @umamiconversations  Twitter: @umami_convos  YouTube :Umami Conversations  Subscribe, rate, Leave a review, download our episodes and spread the love with a friend or two to tune into this podcast.

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