#46 The trip to Guadeloupe that changed her life: “When you don’t combine pain with reflection there is no progress” with Malys

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Sensitive Content: It takes a special someone to move forward in life with joy from one of the worst moments of their lives. During a trip back home, in Guadeloupe for Christmas 2021 our guest Malys was assaulted by what she now calls “an angel disguised as a crackhead.” This altercation created one of the biggest shifts in her life, in which she almost lost a limb. She is presently recovering from this experience physically, emotionally and spiritually and she shares some of her lessons during this moment of vulnerability.
In this episode we share about:
✨How the Assault happened
✨The anger that rose in her
✨How to move from pain to joy
✨The reality of generational Curses
✨The duty we have as melanated people to do the work
and more.

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