The story

Agnes Appiah, our host, began holding space for women to share their lived experiences in April 2018, when she invited 11 women to her home to be vulnerable with one another and break free from fear. This was the start of “let’s make love: A conversation with my girls.” Agnes went on to organize two more events,  in September 2018 and the next in April 2019. Despite the fact that each event was a success, she realized that while holding space for women was a strong desire of hers, she also needed to learn how to hold space for herself and fill her cup. This resulted in the event’s dismantlement and a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Through this journey, Agnes discovered her own voice and realized that holding space for other women was also a way of holding space for her inner child, who was frequently silenced when she spoke. Holding space for women was not a way for her to save other women; it was a way for her to save herself and release her throat chakra that had been stifled for many years.

Agnes understood the need of having open, frank discussions about our experiences as women and, in particular, as women with Indigenous ancestry who had been marginalized for decades. She is a firm believer in the transformative power of speech to alter one’s course in life.

Umami Conversation is a continuation of Agnes’ 2018 “Let’s Make Love Events” project. Umami Conversation arose from one of the most difficult events in Agnes’s  life in 2019 and was launched on December 2nd 2020.  Agnes has been able to transform her pain into a labor of love through this medium. 

Our 3 Pillars

Holistic Healing: .We are spiritual beings having a human experience, as the cliché goes. Let;s go a little further than that. We are spirits with souls who inhabit this body as humans with minds, hearts, intellects, emotions, and other parts that make us who we are. On our earthly journey, we experience situations that cannot be adequately explained by religion, science or spirituality alone. Let’s examine the whole scope of our human experience and identify the resources and methods that will enable us to lead fulfilling lives.

Growth:  For different people, living a fulfilled life means different things. Living our lives through the lenses of this Colonial patriarchal, white supremacist culture prevents us from discovering our true selves . Without thinking outside the box that was designed for us, how can we grow as a species? To progress as a race, we must advance from one stage to the next. There are many dimensions to this thing called life, and if we don’t explore them, learn from them, and grow from them, we die.

Community :Our very existence as humans is rooted in community. We are not born to live alone. Okay, society has labelled us as “introverts,” “extroverts,” and “all other verts,” but deep down inside, we need each other. We must make room for one another and hold space for each other. So come on in and “let us come into Unity” in mind, body, and soul. As the Spirit leads, through intentional conversations.


Our mission is to create and hold space for holistic healing and sacred conversations. That is frequently done behind closed doors. Our mission is to create a community of like-minded and like-spirited people by utilising the power of conversation to transcend societal boundaries. We aim to provide interactive conversation and high-quality sound to amplify the voices of the culture (People of indigenous roots-African descent folks)

V I S I O N & G O A L S 

We are the most effective Podcast & Audio hub.

We are the most effective Podcast & Audio hub. We offer live interactions through our Creative events.

We offer scholarships to young girls and boys pursuing careers in the arts and STEM fields.

We aim to remove the stigma associated with issues that affect the women’s race on a daily basis.


  • Authenticity
  • Engagement
  • Quality sound 
  • Transformation