#12 Motherhood and Gender Roles-Fedora Kalenda pt.2

Fedora closed up the 1st segment of this conversation by making this statement: Our Gender roles should not be based on what society dictates but should be based on our individual characteristics as men and women in general and particular. She makes an emphasis on the importance of knowing thyself to some degree in order to not be lost in the titles that society would give us when it comes to gender roles.

In this segment, we explore another powerful statement she made in a previous podcast which was: Women should not be fighting to be like men but fighting to be women. 

*Fedora provided her point of view on the feminine movement. 

*She shares how this society has become

*She also shares her views on how men and women can co-exist, 

*We end it with her sharing her experience after having her second child, forced her and her partner to review the gender roles they had established at home.

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