# 14 Celebrating Womens International Day a convo with Ernestina Francois

As Women’s international day just passed by, I still wanted to take a moment and celebrate the achievements of women. I sit with Ernestina Francois Certified Life coach and Impact Speaker. Ernestina is also an advocate for women and daily strived to see women from all walks of life come together and uplift one another.

In this episode of Umami, Conversations Ernestina expresses that her desire for bringing people together, especially women stemmed from her childhood. Where she saw lack when she turned to the right or left. However, in her
her little mind, she always knew that, if one person shares with another and this notion of sharing goes around there would be no lack, lack would really vanish.

The conversations get more in-depth when I ask Ernestina why she thinks lack comes from when we live in such abundance.


* God puts a calling in each person’s heart.

* The reason why lack exists is that we are in opposing view with one another.

* Greed, power, manifests themselves into individualism, that society sort of praises.

* Projecting into what black women have achieved so far, there is still a lot of work to be done.

*Workplace experience amongst older black women and the younger ones.

*No one can take your glory from you unless you give it to them.

*Stepping out of this vicious cycle of not uplifting one another.

* And much more…

You can connect with Ernestina Francois.

Website: Axcesslifeskills.com

Tel. 613-316-5738

Email: ernestinafrancois@gmail.com

Let’s keep the conversation flowing let me know what part of the conversation resonated with you the most. What did you agree and disagree with?

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Look out for part 2 Next week.



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