# 18 First Episode of season 2: sensitive content- R.I.P.

Welcome to Season 2 of Umami Conversations. Today is the 1 year anniversary of this podcast and we are grateful for your contribution towards the growth of this podcast. 
This first episode is tagged as Sensitive. This episode is un-edited and a tribute to the souls that have transitioned into the afterworld in the past year. If you feel ready to tune in and join her in a short moment of silence please do. She also provides you with some details on whats will be shared during this second season.
Sending all of you that have loss a loved one much love and light 
Let’s continue the conversations and spread unconditional love in a world that is in serious need of it. You can follow the podcast on Instagram @Umami_Conversations. Send the host a DM share your thoughts questions reviews. 
FYI: Our Website umamiconversations.com is under construction and will be at your door very soon stay tuned.

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