#23 You are hightly favored -Gytana T.Light

Today’s episode, we receive the inspiring resilient woman Gytana who is coach healer, CEO of Temple KA, vegan chef T. Light and creator of the brand Mambosa.
We have an open heart conversation about how, as an entrepreneur she has survived through this pandemic.
She taught us how important it is to remember your “why” throughout the challenges an entrepreneur can face. She will leave us with 3 powerful words , reminding us all how Fabulous unique we each are.
You will certainly get moved and empowered by her testimony. Take a listen it’s worth it!!!
Please, share and don’t forget to support the entrepreneurs around you😉
You can find Gytana T. light on Instagram: @gytana.tlight/@lakou.kaii.plantbased/temple.ka

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