# 27 What the heck is Self-love/care?

In these days and age where Self-love is a central focus, we are trying to get to the essence of the topic, which is Love. What does it mean to love yourself? In today’s episode our hosts talk about the subtle difference between Self care and Self love. How self-love is more about the connection to the self within, rather than just taking care of the body. They talk about the importance of nurturing the soul with positivity, raising our vibrations, building and respecting our boundaries… They deliberate on a self-care statement from NYT best Selling Author Nedra Glover Tawwad @nedrarawwab. That said “people are not practicing self-care but after-care” Our Co-host Jessica shares with us a extract from Vex Kings @vexking, book ;Good, Vibes Good life that says  that our “ Self love and raising our level of vibration goes hand in hand” The hosts share their experiences, their journey and how they grew up towards self-acceptance, self-love and alignment with their most authentic self. Enjoy every bit of this episode available on all major podcast platforms now. Follow Umami Conversations on Instagram and Facebook and Tik Tok: @umamiconversations Twitter: @umami_convos  YouTube :Umami Conversations Subscribe, rate, Leave a review, download our episodes and spread the love with a friend or two to tune into this podcast.

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