#28 The holistic approach Series-Ayurveda with Chelsea L.Niava pt1

Today, our special guest Chelsea L. Niava is an interdisciplinary practitioner who splits her time between Montreal and West Africa. Chelsea has expertise and knowledge in touch and attachment research, Ayurveda and Reiki. Bringing these practices together allows Chelsea to use her intuitive skills to build and design routines that help people reconnect with their body, mind and soul. Her Caribbean and South Asian background  has influenced her approach to healing, and her personal intersections with mental health and racism have driven her passion to activate self-healing in others. This amazing woman taught us today about the key notions of Ayurveda . She tells us about the different doshas, which represent the main elements connected to a person’s unique physiological, mental, and emotional health. In this episode, Chelsea teaches us how Ayurveda should be considered as a philosophy much deeper than a mere practice . If you are interested in learning more about this ancient holistic healing system, this episode is for you. You can connect with Chelsea on Instagram at:   For her personal Blog @brownskinmagical For Alternative & Holistic Health Service@higher.veda Enjoy every bit of this episode available on all major podcast platforms now.  Follow Umami Conversations on: Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok: @umamiconversations  Twitter: @umami_convos  YouTube :Umami Conversations  Subscribe, rate, Leave a review, download our episodes and spread the love with a friend or two to tune into this podcast.

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