#30 The Holistic Approach Series- Reiki &Mindfulness With Lea Candon Pt. 1

Happy Thursday Beautiful people, today we receive our second guest  of our “Holistic Approach” edition. Our guest are always au RDV to drop some mind-blowing knowledge. We never cease to learn… 
Today’s guest Lea, is a mindfulness guide, intuitive healer and wisdom writer. 
She shares with us her experience with Reiki, (which is gaining in popularity as an energy healing method).  From the emotional wounds she suffered, she was led by her inner-voice towards the mastering of this spiritual practice for self-healing. Now, she uses Reiki to help and heal people as well.
In today’s episode, we talk about the energy flowing through our emotions and the importance of implementing daily mindfulness practices in order to become one with the ‘Stable Observer’ that we all have within. 
With authenticity and humility, Lea shares with us some parts of the wisdom she acquired throughout her spiritual journey. She reminds us that we must remain students of Life. This episode will surely lifts up your spirits as it did for us 🙂 Enjoyyyy
You can Connect with Lea using this link: linktr.ee/leacandon
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