#42 Navigating mental heath as an African Diasporan: “It wasn’t my first burn out” with Fedora Kalenda

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Sensitive Content: Mental health is a topic we cannot avoid in our day and age. In this heartwarming episode with Fedora Kalenda she shares with us her challenges, lessons and thoughts on mental health as an African Diasporan. Growing up in a family of 7 in a Congolese household, mental health was not a topic discussed. This may have an effect on one’s mental health as an adult, especially when feelings are not regarded. After changing positions at work Fedora started to experience symptoms that were similar to a burn out but was so caught up in pushing through that she dismissed them consciously or unconsciously. Tune in and find out more about her story.

In this episode we share

How easy it is to neglect symptoms of a mental health breakdown

The difference in understanding mental health for those back home(in Africa) and those in the Diaspora

The root cause of our neglect of self

The importance of having more conversations  about mental health in out African communities

And More…

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