#47 We made it to year 2: Lessons I picked up along the way & Spotify Wrapped

“It was all a dream” Haven spent the past 2 years of my life with this podcast has been a life altering experience. I was reflecting back where and how it all started and one thing I realized was, this Podcast started during my whole pregnancy process.

December 2nd 2020, I was pregnant and did not know it. I did not stop and even after giving birth and having a c-section which took forever to heal I was back behind the MIC doing what I now know how to do, holding space for my guest to share their experiences and knowledge.

During these 2 years I wanted to give up so bad, I invested time and money but felt I was not going anywhere. However, something changed in me when my guest started telling me about their experience on the podcast about how it made them feel and how it was healing to them.

Anyway all this to say UMAMI CONVERSATIONS ain’t going anywhere we are growing expanding and taking dominion. We are going to ensure we continue to provide our listeners with the quality sound, stories and truths.

As we continue to grow into a new year and cycle we will be doing a lot of backend work. Which will require some R.E.S.T.

We encourage you all to still tune in on Thursdays for new episodes.

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Cheers to many more savory and healing conversations

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