#49 Raised in a cult pt2 “There is No Hate Like Christian Love” with Fofo

Sensitive Content: What happens when you find yourself in a place that has you questioning it’s message constantly but do not know how to step out of it. Where do you go when the only thing you know is the truth religion feeds you, with no other pathways to healing. In this second part of our conversation with Fofo, they dive into how they recognized the presence of white supremacy in the message they were hearing, and it’s presence in the  Christianity that was presented to many of us. Fofo shares more on some of the behaviors that kept them questioning the “messenger”, where they find themselves now in their spirituality and much more.

Fofo is an artist that creates beautiful Pyrography & Culture Pyrogravure kindly support her work by purchasing some of her art on Esty or reaching out to her on Instagram  for customized pieces.


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