#50 A story of love, loss and grief : “Make grief part of your self care” with Clarecia Christie

SENSITIVE CONTENT: Today our host has a hard yet needed conversation with Clarecia Christie. She is an International Trade Consultant, an Educator and also an Advocate for Women Economic Empowerment and Poverty Reduction.

Clarecia, shares her intriguing story full of loss, love and grief . She also inspires us with a mixer of a colorful blend of hope, self-motivation  and rosy victories. ‘My brother was angry’, is how she repeatedly describes her own fears and anger of the traumatic experience of having to witness the lifeless body of her sweet mom lying on the cold hospital bed.

‘There’s no limit on your grieving’, she sums the pain and the disappointment she felt—but, in a more beautiful smiling tone like a candle that lights up a very dark place, she ushers us into a brighter part of the conversation and leads it to a place where there’s a common understanding, that grief is but a stormy clouds that ceases the sky through the night, only for the rains to come, clears it away and leaves the sky with a colorful rainbow that brightens our world again.

Clarecia encourages us to “ make grief as part of our self care” the work and support we use during our grieving opens up doors to healing then one can ever think.

 If you are in Canada ,you can find support here with grief share: https://www.griefshare.org/countries/ca

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