#51 Taking ownership of her body through Burlesque dance with Erockfor

Welcome to another season of Umami Conversations Podcast. We kick start our season with our amazing guest Erockfor who shares her journey to burlesque dancing as a way of taking ownership of her body.
Erockfor [eh-ROCK-for} is a Montreal-born jazz singer and burlesque performer of Cameroonian descent. She left the city in 2014 and based herself in Seoul, South Korea, performing at jazz clubs while cementing herself as a burlesque performer. Erockfor, also known as Rocky, has been featured in Rolling Stone India, Popdust, The Korea Times, MTV West Africa and XONecole. Erockfor is also a marketing expert and a writer.
As we kick-start the conversation, we share our own life journeys, paving the way for deep introspection. Our focus turns to the transformative power of moving to new horizons, as Erockfor shares her life-altering experience of relocating to Korea.
We shed light on the influence of the church and its impact on our perception of our bodies. Unveiling the complexities of purity and modesty culture, we explore how it can sometimes lead to a disconnect with our own feminine essence.
Furthermore, we address the pervasive issue of shame and its profound effects on body image. Discover how we can dismantle the shackles of shame by identifying and eliminating its triggers, ultimately reclaiming our self-worth.
Drawing from her personal journey, Erockfor reveals the healing powers of burlesque dancing. Through this expressive art form, she finds solace, stepping into various characters and leaving behind the weight of trauma.
We also explore additional methods of self-celebration and self-expression, including adorning oneself, embracing affirmations, and cherishing quality time with loved ones. Erockfor emphasizes the significance of community support and underscores the crucial need to cultivate self-love before seeking validation from external sources.
Join us on “Umami Conversation” as Erockfor guides you on a transformative path of self-love, acceptance, and empowerment. Gain invaluable insights that will empower you to embrace your authentic self and live a life filled with purpose and joy.

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