#52 Releasing her dreadlocs was a release of her loss, grief & the road to self-love with Syssou

Sensitive Content
In this deeply moving episode, our guest Syssou bravely shares her personal journey on her decade-long journey with dreadlocks, which was a symbolic representation of her pain and grief. Each lock intertwined with the heaviness of her trauma, Syssou’s dreadlocks held a profound significance in her life story.
Syssou takes us on a deeply personal journey through the heartache of having and losing 2 babies, shedding light on the challenging experiences that many women face but rarely speak about.
She recounts the heart-wrenching experience of going through such a traumatic event while feeling surrounded by people who were seemingly unaware of her pain. She sheds light on the negligence she faced within the medical system and the emotional turmoil that followed the loss of her children. 
Syssou opens up about Racial bias in pain assessment
a harmful belief that black folks exaggerate their pain and the expectation for them to always remain strong despite enduring immense suffering. She candidly discusses the challenges of navigating an ectopic pregnancy, feeling uncomfortable in her own body, and the way society perceives women who don’t have children.
Together, we explore the common tendency to blame ourselves after such a loss and the societal perception that often dismisses or downplays the grief experienced by black 
The conversation takes a transformative turn as Syssou shares her journey toward self-love, self-healing, and the intricate process of navigating grief. She delves into the triggers that persist after losing a child and the long-lasting impact it has had on her life for the past 10 years.
Join us for this poignant episode of the Umami Conversation podcast as we explore the depths of loss, resilience, and the path to self-discovery. Syssou’s story serves as a powerful reminder that healing is a lifelong journey, and that our stories, no matter how heavy, shape who we are.

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