#54 The transformative journey of finding your soul purpose with Navya

Welcome to the Umami Conversations Podcast, where we delve into the most flavorful and enriching discussions about life, purpose, and personal growth. In this episode, we have a captivating guest, Navya, who takes us on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and the profound wisdom she has gained along the way.

Navya’s remarkable story began in 2007, a period when her life took an unexpected turn. She started hearing voices she couldn't comprehend, and her existence seemed to be replaying before her eyes. A sacred rebirth was on the horizon, urging her to confront her inner child and embark on a profound healing journey.

Navya unravels the profound connection between inner laws and the laws of nature, revealing how they intertwine as one. She courageously encourages us to embrace the darkness, for within it lies the seeds of creation and personal transformation. Through her own experiences, Navya highlights the power of perseverance, urging us to keep pushing forward even during our darkest moments.

As she opens up about her spiritual evolution, Navya discusses the pivotal role of books, therapy, and her natal chart in aiding her self-awareness and self-connection. She passionately emphasizes the significance of aligning with our souls, as they carry the wisdom of generations. Navya illuminates the path to unlocking one's full potential and how, once we walk in alignment with our purpose, nothing can hinder us. As she gracefully puts it, "We are beings in human forms," highlighting the vast untapped potential within each of us.

Furthermore, Navya expounds on the vital relationship between our dietary choices and our well-being. She shares valuable insights into the importance of mindful eating and nourishing our bodies with wholesome, soul-nurturing food.

Tune in to this enlightening episode of Umami Conversations Podcast, where Navya's wisdom and experiences will leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to embark on your own journey of soulful investing and inner healing. 

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