#61 Demystifying self-touch through the Art of Abhyanga with Chelsea L. Niava

Radiant Souls,

Welcome back to another enlightening episode of Umami Conversations! Today we have a truly special guest, Chelsea , an Abhyanga practitioner, who is here to share her wisdom on a topic that often goes overlooked; self touch.

**Episode Highlights:**

  • Chelsea emphasizes how not paying attention to our periods is a missed opportunity to tap into the profound power they hold. Chelsea shares her personal journey of loss and how she learned to honor her period as a part of herself rather than a hindrance.Our cycles are not a defeat; they are a reflection of our fertility. Chelsea sheds light on how embracing this aspect of ourselves can be truly empowering.
  • We explore what lies beyond the surface, questioning the unseen aspects of our soul, mind, and spirit. Chelsea encourages us to understand the root causes of physical and mental challenges, delving into the roots of our own lineage.
  • Generational trauma is a topic we touch upon. Our DNA carries the imprints of generations past. Chelsea explains how these imprints can affect us and why it’s crucial to uncover and heal these ancestral wounds.
  • Chelsea delves into the idea that people are often afraid to truly know others because they haven’t explored themselves deeply. She emphasizes the importance of holding space for our own comfort and self-awareness.
  • Chelsea intriguingly mentions, “I don’t touch myself there; other people touch me there.” She explores the profound impact of different body strokes in Abhyanga and how they encourage the natural flow of blood in our bodies.
  • We explore the roots of Abhyanga, which trace back to both North and South Indian teachings. Chelsea highlights the distinctions, with North Indian practices having European influences and South Indian practices being deeply rooted in indigenous knowledge, ultimately tracing back to Africa.
  • Chelsea introduces the concept of treating the trinity that makes us whole: the mind, body, and soul (spirit). She emphasizes that trust is fundamental in this process, drawing parallels between the mother-infant relationship and our own self-trust.

As we wrap up this enlightening conversation, Chelsea and I also touch upon the fascinating world of AI. Be sure to listen to the full episode to gain a deeper understanding of the mind, body, and soul, and how trusting oneself is the cornerstone of self-healing. Thank you for joining us on Umami Conversations, and don’t forget to subscribe for more inspiring episodes like this one!

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