#63 Strengthening our connection with food through veganism,the impact of food on our menses & the evolution of a spiritual leader with Chef T. Light

Welcome to another enriching episode of Umami Conversation! In today’s episode, we are joined by the incredibly Afro vegan Chef Gytana T. Light a.k.a Chef T.Light. 

Chef T. Light is  a life coach, spiritual counsellor and chef. Mom of 2 precious ones, she has dedicated the past decade to the well-being of her loved ones and clients. In 2018, she opened the first black own holistic centre in Montreal which offered holistic healing and health alternatives. Focusing on womb healing & mental health. And specialise on Yoni /lingam steam.

In this conversation, Chef T. Light starts us off with her personal Journey as a SPiritual leader and Owner of  the first black owned holistic centre in Montreal. Chef:T. Light reveals that she has always been a chef, although she didn’t initially anticipate the extent of her culinary journey. It all began with her inviting people over to enjoy meals and engage in meaningful conversations. She even had a catering company in her past. We dive deeper into conversations about the role food plays when it comes to our menstrual cycles and much more. Here are the highlights of the conversations : 

  • The Chef’s Journey the unexpected expansion of her passion
  • How to foster a connection with our and having a natural transition towards a more intuitive relationship with food

  • The Journey of Detoxification before jumping on the wagon of veganism 

  • How the food we eat affects our Menstrual Cycles

  • How veganism strengthens our connection with food, body, and nature

The episode concludes with a discussion about the community’s role in re-educating others about the benefits of veganism. Gytana emphasises how veganism strengthens our connection to nature and each other.Don’t forget to connect with your own intuition and embrace the power within. Stay tuned for more insightful conversations on Umami Conversation. 

What was the biggest take away from this episode?

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