#66 Twin Flames, Spiritual Connection, and Finding Purpose & Bonus Collective Reading with Myriam Mason

In this episode of Umami Conversations, we delve into a fascinating journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration. Our guest shares her unique path from leaving Christianity to embracing Islam, guided by her insatiable curiosity. Along the way, she experiences dream premonitions, explores the mystical world of palm reading, and embarks on a transformative adventure with Tarot cards. Join us as we explore the concepts of twin flames, spiritual connections, and the pursuit of purpose.

Here are some highlight of our conversation: 

The Twin Flame Journey

– Our guest reveals her 13-year journey as a twin flame, experiencing the highs and lows of this unique connection.

– Explanation of what a twin flame is, emphasising that it’s not something one seeks but discovers naturally.

– The danger of seeking out twin flame connections and the interconnectedness of all individuals.

The Spiritual Aspect of Twin Flames

– The romanticised notion of twin flames and the presence of dark energy in understanding this connection.

– Exploring the profound spiritual connection that occurs between twin flames.

– The primary purpose of being a twin flame: healing through the most challenging experiences.

Runner-Chaser Dynamics

– The complex dynamics of runners and chasers in a twin flame relationship.

– Recognizing the patterns and reasons behind these roles.

– How free will and destiny play a role in the journey of twin flames.

Karmic Relationships

– The distinction between karmic relationships and twin flame connections, highlighting the toxicity of karmic bonds.

– The importance of understanding the difference to avoid confusion.

Soul Family and Finding Purpose

– Delving into the idea of choosing our earthly families and the unique purpose of twin flames.

– The concept that all twin flames are light workers, serving a higher purpose.

– Emphasising the need to proactively seek and pursue one’s purpose rather than waiting for a twin flame to appear.

Raising Your Vibration

– The significance of maintaining a high vibrational frequency to attract positive connections like twin flames and soulmates.

– The idea that purpose will naturally find you when you’re in a higher state of vibration.

– Encouragement to focus on self-growth and positivity rather than actively seeking out relationships.

What was the biggest take away from this episode?

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