Recap Ep32 Decolonize Deconstruct Self-Care Practices with Kay-Ann Ward.

Welcome to Episode 32 of Season 2! In this thought-provoking episode, titled “Holistic Approach: Decolonize|Deconstruct Self-Care with Kay-Ann Ward,” we dive deep into the transformative power of reevaluating our approach to self-care.

Join us as we revisit this captivating conversation with Kay-Ann Ward, where we embark on a journey of rediscovering ancestral wisdom and challenging the narratives that have been imposed upon us. Together, we question the conventional notions of self-care and explore why we should break free from predetermined ideas of what it should entail.

Kay-Ann fearlessly shares her personal experiences and dreams, highlighting the profound need to reconnect with our roots and embrace practices that truly nourish our spirits. As we delve into the significance of community, the power of ancestral knowledge, and the invaluable lessons passed down by our elders, we begin to unveil a path towards a more authentic and holistic form of self-care.

Join us for the full episode and immerse yourself in Kay-Ann’s inspiring journey. It’s time to embark on the journey of decolonizing our self-care and honoring the wisdom of our ancestors. Let’s create a space where ancestral knowledge and personal growth intertwine harmoniously. 🌿🌍✨”

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