S.E. ep2- Gardner of her soul: A look into the soul

Sensitive Content- Welcome to the second episode of our special edition. Did you listen to the first one already? Today, let’s dive a little deeper. You will be catapulted by a poem written by Jessica titled: “She: Gardner of her soul”. In this poem, she opens up about her soul journey; from the acknowledgment of her emotional wounds to self-healing and self-actualization. Let’s talk about our perspectives regarding the matters of the soul. Some people think the soul is the center of our emotions. How about you? What is the soul for you? In Which stage of the journey of self-discovery and Self-acceptance are you? This podcast can be found on all major podcast platforms. 
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Episode 3 will be out September 9th, 2021 Until then keep diving deep into yourself and connect with the Divine Within. SHALOM!

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